General FAQ

Discount bike FAQ

So you don't want to spend much on a bike? Maybe you've been to a real bike shop and compared the prices you saw with the prices in the big box discount stores and think it would be a good place to save money. We're here with the straight scoop on why that's probably not such a good idea.

Q: I had a Schwinn when I was a kid and it lasted many years. I see them now in Walmart. Same thing?

ASadly, No. The Schwinn name is now owned by an importer. The bikes are designed to be visually appealing at the cost of quality.

Q: Can't I just buy a cheap bike and bring it to BikeWise and have it adjusted so it works?

A: Most big box bikes are of too low quality to be successfully adjusted. We don't generally accept them for repair, and even when we do accept them, we offer no warranty on repairs on such bikes.

Q: I just need cheap transportation. Isn't a Walmart bike good enough?

A: Considering they are offered in only one size, with no service after the sale and are made of low-grade parts, these are truly the worst choices!  If your discount bike actually lasted 4 years, which is unlikely, over that time, a much nicer bike only costs 14 cents more per day!

Q: So what makes your bikes so much better?

A: Glad you asked! First, the bikes themselves are much higher quality, with stronger wheels, better bearings and lighter frames. Then the bikes are assembled by real bike mechanics. It's easy to slap a bike together quickly, without taking time to really adjust anything. Here at BikeWise, we spend the time to really set the bike up so that it will work well for many years and we back that with our well-known service to keep your cycling experience pleasant and give you great value.

Landfills are full of low-quality bikes that failed to be useful. You deserve better. Even leading consumer magazines state "bikes bought from shops represent a far better value than low-cost, low-quality big box bikes".