Welcome to BikeWise Oxford

Proudly serving the Oxford Area since 2004.

We are your local destination for all your cycling needs. From service, to retail, nutrition and more, we are happy you choose to shop local and shop with us. 

We are an independent Trek Dealership and offer premiere service by mechanics who have trained with Trek's Certified Service School.  

Welcome to the BikeWise Family! 

Welcome Miami University Students

Avoid the Big-Box-Bike Blues this year with a genuine bicycle from BikeWise! Our bicycles have the finest components and are built to last!

Did you purchase a bike online? Have it shipped directly to us for a guaranteed professiona
l assembly by Trek Certified Assembly Technicians!

Yeah, we have bikes..... But  the important part is what we do.  

Other shops may try to match our prices, but they could never match our service. We take what we do seriously and aren't happy until you are. Come find out for yourself what our customers already know.

Precision Fit Checkups

Attention all Precision Fit Clients! Doug is now offering fit check-ups for Fit clients with existing fits on file. A Trek Precision Fit from BikeWise isn’t a one-and-done sort of service. Our bodies are always changing: our range of motion, flexibility, strength, and even our riding style can change from season to season. This means that your bike fit will also be changing. Luckily our fit checkup has been designed to help your custom fit evolve and change as you do. These sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and include a motion capture analysis and baseline saddle pressure map. Call or email to book your session today!

What about bikes not purchased at BikeWise Oxford?

Order your bike online and have it shipped directly to BikeWise for a complete and thorough assembly by certified mechanics! 

Nowadays, many bicycle companies will sell you a bike online and claim that it will arrive in a "90% assembled" condition. What they don't tell you is that each bicycle has hundreds of bits and pieces. A bike with dozens of uninstalled parts will need some love by someone who is familiar each of these uninstalled components. Even after years of training and experience, a bike build will take a skilled mechanic around an hour, and in the case of a triathlon bike, up to three or four. 

At BikeWise we hold our bicycle assemblies to the highest standards, and as such we offer complete build services. This service starts at $60 for single speed bikes (fender and basket installation extra) up to $200 for high end tri and road bikes. By completing the entire build in house we are able to ensure your safety and comfort.

Just call or email to let us know you've ordered online and shipped to us, and we'll reserve a place in line for you.